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I Am the Songwriter Who Sings

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

I AM Jeliq, the Songwriter who sings

I AM every song, yes

I AM this

I write for everything you live

Everything you love

And everything you leave

I write for your ups, downs and in-betweens

I write for the moment your tears just can’t be pacified with any reassurance

That raw moment when anger insists and bitterness persists

I write for the moments

When the fight for justice

Can't afford even one foot off the gas

I write for the moment when regret hijacks your now

I write for the moment you feel small, but push forward anyhow

That stormy moment where you’d like to go in and never come out, forever lay low

I write for the moment you don’t care to impress

The moment you are judged and couldn’t be bothered, just couldn’t care less

And for the moment of humility and forgiveness – even acceptance

I write for the moment you’re fighting for your life and refuse to budge

That stubborn resiliency that couldn’t be caged

I write for the moment of downright war and rage

I write for the moment that lights your vision on fire

The moment when nothing’s there and yet still you aspire

I write to breathe life into your heart’s every desire

I write for the moment love sneaks in and quietly decides it will stay

I write for the moment it’s manifesting in all its glory

And for the moment you’ve lost so much you don’t even recognize your own story

I write for your joy, when it’s uncontrollable

I write for the moment you meet your inner hero

That moment when there’s an “S” on your chest and you are simply unstoppable

I write for the moment you can no longer bear your load

I write for the ugly truths you’ve shoved deep down inside

And for the moment you are forced to hide

I write for your risqué, your inhibition

I write for the moment when it’s about to go down

And the moment you decide you are just done

I write for your play, your film, your story, your movie, your script

And all that must be told because the world cannot live without it

And you dare not deprive the world of it

I write because you are more than just one emotion

I write for your life, your success, your everythin

I write because writing is breathin

I write for YOU

Welcome to Jeliq’s Juke Joint where every song is about you

Now press play – you know you want to

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